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Why I'm Running

I am running to Engage, Educate and Energize voters in Louisiana to embrace much-needed change in this state. The Democratic party has lost a lot of ground, and we are at an inflection point. In the past 10 years, registered Democrats in Louisiana have dwindled from 1.4M to 1.1M, while registered Republican voters have increased from 800k to over 1M, and the “other party” registrations have gone from 700k to over 800k.  While I had decided a couple years ago that I would run for the DSCC in 2024, the disappointing results for the Democratic candidates in the most recent state and federal races solidified for me that it was time to step forward to work with all of the stakeholders to navigate a new path. 

In addition to the dwindling registrations, the percentage of registered Democrats turning out to vote is incredibly low.  I have also supported several state and federal campaigns, and in speaking with the candidates, many expressed that they did not receive the assistance from the state party that they needed to succeed.  If we are going to recruit and retain talent, we need to have the right support in place. We also need to have succession planning so when elected officials are terming out, we have built the next generation of leadership to seamlessly move into those positions.

While new party leadership is part of the solution, we need people who are committed to doing the hard work to put the party back on track. Changing the leadership alone does nothing if we do not have a master plan moving forward. We need to engage current voters and increase new registrations.  We need to connect with voters to understand what issues are important to them, and ensure our candidates get the right support to be able to message and interface with the voters. And, finally, we need to energize voters to turn out the vote.  Every vote counts in this and every election.  I hope I can count on your vote for DSCC #91A and DPEC Dist. B.

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